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OC Double Bend

From Hippostick:

The "OC" blade is 8 5/8 inches wide by 18 1/2 inches tall; approximately 100 square inches.

Designed and tested by Danny Ching specifically for OC1 and OC6 paddling. The Hippostick OC blade is a small blade with a big bite. Its square entry and no-slip catch are ideal for those who have difficulty setting their blades.

For racing, touring or just plain fun, this is Danny Ching's paddle of choice. This paddle comes in both a straight shaft and double bent shaft.

This new line of Outrigger paddles comes solely in HippoStick's new 12K 100% Carbon Lay Up. This new construction in the strongest and lightest construction in the industry today. The uniquely placed connection point of the blade to the shaft increases the strength of the paddle and the ergonomically oval shaft allows for maximum comfort and control of the paddle.


Extremely light and durable.

From Paddle Zoo:

The double bend OC was my first and only OC1 paddle for 2 years before expanding my quiver. I love it and competed in dozens of races including the 32 mile Chattajack event with it. I especially enjoyed it in downwinders. It is such a nice quality paddle and ridiculously light. It is a smaller blade size than most other outrigger paddles but can perform just as well.

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Hart Attack
OC Double Bend
OC Double Bend
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