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MetaLeash is designed, engineered, and made in the USA using all materials sourced in the USA. Each is made by Salem, a woman with decades of experience as a rigger - someone whose career has been all about keeping people safely tethered during large construction projects including tall buildings and dams. Each piece of the leash has been meticulously researched and tested to make sure there are no weak points present. This is unmistakably the best and safest leash on the market. 

These leashes are safer, lighter, more compact, and longer lasting than all of the standard leashes you've ever uses. Almost all other leashes use velcro (hook and loop) to wrap around your leg. But how many have you had to replace over the years as the velcro wore out and no longer held to itself as well? This leash may have a higher price point, but it is worth every extra penny for not only all the reasons it is far superior, but because it will outlast all the others by years. In the end it is going to cost you LESS than buying other leashes and you will like using it much more, too.


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