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The MANA blade is designed as our smaller paddle for women and children. With a 7 inch blade and only 26mm shaft the MANA paddle helps put less stress on the shoulders and joints while paddling. It was designed for maximized catch and optimum release for every stroke taken. The handle is ergonomically fitted to the hands of smaller sizes.

The shaft is a 26mm cylindrical shaft.

Ideal for any type of SUP paddling.


100% 12K Carbon Fiber handle, shaft, and blade.

12K Carbon Fiber is the lightest Carbon Fiber per square inch and has the highest tensile strength.

A higher tensile strength means that the paddle is able to have more flex and maintain a high breaking point.


30% 3K Carbon Fiber/ 70% Fiberglass handle, shaft, and blade. Since fiberglass is not as strong as carbon fiber it has more flex. More flex means that it is easier on your shoulders and joints, however more flex does mean a loss of output per stroke.

Pro: $430
EXP: $270

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 11.48.55
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 11.48.07
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