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Triple G
Pro: $460
EXP: $290


Triple G

The Triple G is Hippostick's new SUP paddle.


After years of testing and evaluation, Danny Ching and his team of riders have come up with a new design that allows paddlers to be explosive in a sprint but not be too taxing on the body over long distances. 

The narrow 7.1 inches in width makes this 87 square inch blade feel extremely forgiving on the joints during long paddles.  The Triple G carries most of its surface area high on the blade allowing the paddle to hold its catch further and easier than most other paddles on the market today.  

PRO: 100% carbon fiber blade, shaft, and handle.  PRO Shaft Flex = 36mm

EXP: The carbon fiber composite blend of the shaft and handle of the Triple G EXP add the perfect flex. 

Note From Paddle Zoo:

After years of using the AL Pro and never finding anything else I liked more, I finally found my new favorite paddle in the Triple G. The feel through the water is amazing and feels like I could keep going all day. You have to try it!

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.33.59

Triple G

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