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Tahitian paddle by Hippostick
Hippostick Tahitian Paddle in OC6

The Tahitian Blade is 9 3/8 inches wide by 19 inches tall; approximately 110 square inches.

Hippostick's New Tahitian Double Bend was originally designed for V1 and OC6 paddling. But many paddlers swear by it for OC1 as well.

This traditional tear drop shape has been effective for thousands of years throughout Polynesia. Now adapted, modified and constructed out of the highest quality, modern day materials, this V1 and OC paddle has a smooth catch and effortless release, perfect for todays elite paddler.

This new line of Outrigger paddles comes solely in HippoStick's new 12K 100% Carbon layup. This new construction in the strongest and lightest construction in the industry today.

The uniquely placed connection point of the blade to the shaft increases the strength of the paddle and the ergonomically oval shaft allows for maximum comfort and control of the paddle. There are no edges to bother your bottom hand with Hippostick outrigger paddles!


Incredibly light and durable.

Note from Paddle Zoo:

The bamboo veneer shaft seen in some photos was the limited edition "Hapa" layup which is currently not being made. 

I love my Tahitian paddle. I used it for OC6 at Chattajack and felt great the entire 32 miles. I also broke my personal record by almost a minute on the 4 mile time trial course using this paddle on my OC1. That record stood for almost a year and I was stuck at the same speed until I used the Tahitian.

Hippostick Outrigger paddles compared next to each other
Hart Attack
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5 Hippostick Tahitian Paddles side by side
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