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Outrigger Canoes
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At 19 feet 8.22 inches long, this canoe fits in most garages and is easier to maneuver.

Starting at just $3650, it is thousands less than other OC1s on the market making it easier to get into the sport and easier to upgrade. 

Introducing the Nelo Excel 6.0 OC1

Designed by Evolution Canoe

Offered in 2 constructions:

WWR - Carbon Kevlar

SCS - Full Carbon


The Excel 6.0 was designed with performance in mind. The shorter length than standard 21+ foot canoes offers the same waterline length by keeping the bow and stern in the water. This gives it strong flat water speed while making it more maneuverable on waves in downwind conditions.  Custom color options and designs available.

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Like all Nelo craft, the number in the model name refers to metric length: 6.0 meters. For those of us in America, that is 19 feet 8.22 inches to be exact. The width of the canoe is 0.4 meters which is 15.75 inches. 

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SCS Construction

  • Solid Composite System

  • Lightweight, Rigid

​WWR Construction​

  • Carbon Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum

  • Lightweight, Rigid, with extra durability 


Currently, the Excel 6.0 is offered in 2 sizes. The length is the same, but the cockpit is adjusted for different size/weight paddlers. 

  • L - For paddlers under 188 pounds

  • XXL - For paddlers over 188 pounds

Extras Included

The Excel 6.0 comes with:

  • 2 carbon fiber rudders: 1 surf rudder and 1 weed rudder.

  • Nelo's classic neon striped bags for the canoe and ama.

  • Front and rear bungee storage areas.

  • Leash attachment point.


SCS Construction

  • Canoe:  22 pounds / 10 kg

  • Ama:  4 pounds / 1.8 kg

  • Iako:  2.6 pounds / 1.2 kg

  • Total = 28.6 pounds / 13kg

​WWR Construction​

  • Canoe:  28.6 pounds / 13 kg

  • Ama:  4.9 pounds / 2.2 kg

  • Iako:  2.6 pounds / 1.2 kg

  • Total = 36.1 pounds / 16.4 kg

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Currently, Paddle Zoo is authorized to sell these outrigger canoes in the Pacific Northwest, but if you live elsewhere, give us a shout and we can help you out. Shipments come 3 to 4 times per year from Portugal where they're manufactured by Nelo. We don't currently keep any in inventory other than demo canoes as they sell out quickly. Contact us to find out when the next shipment is and pre-order yours before they're gone! 


Demos are available out of Edmonds/Seattle Washington and Inverness, Florida by appointment. Or ask us to try one out before or after a race we're competing in!


WWR Construction:      $3650

SCS Construction:         $4650

Additional fee depending on complexity of the custom design you choose. Fill out the form on this page or contact us with any questions or to get started.

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