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404 LTD

The LTD has been updated for today’s more skilled and versatile racer. The LTD design has the greatest acceleration and control of all the 404 race models.

The proven design was given more volume to help increase its glide through rough conditions. The tail was widen in the narrower models to allow for more stability in buoy turns, crowds and sloppy downwind conditions.

Lastly, a slight recessed deck was added to the board to help increase rider stability and to increase the waterline volume of the board by up to 8% while reducing the weight of the board by up to 4 lbs.

The LTD is 404's most versatile race board




SMALL 12’6” x 22” / 233L

MEDIUM 12’6” x 24” / 237L

LARGE 12’6” x 25” / 240L

X LARGE 12’6” x 26” / 247L


SMALL 14’ x 22” / 237L

MEDIUM 14’ x 23.5” / 253L

LARGE 14’ x 25” / 265L

X LARGE 14’ x 26.5” / 281L


404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent

404 Molded SUP Traction

404 / Carbon Fin

FCS GoPro compatible plug

Deck drain plugs


+ 1 lb EPS Foam

+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber

+ 4 oz Fiberglass

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