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Maika'i Hybrid

  • Type: Double Bend Hybrid Outrigger Paddle

  • Length: 46" to 52" (Custom sizes also available)

  • Width: 9.437" blade

  • Weight: approx. 18 oz.

  • Surface Area: 115 sq. inches

  • Color: Grey Malolo fish design with red accent

  • Blade Material: Carbon fiber with a Glossy finish and an ABS edge

  • Shaft Materials: Layered Poplar, Bass and Cedar wood

  • Handle Material: Poplar wood

Maika’i means "smooth feel" in Hawaiian. With the Puakea Malolo design under a glossy finish, this outrigger paddle is big. Ideal for team boats, the Maika’i really shines when the canoe is surging on a wave, or at full race pace. As the canoe goes faster, it becomes increasingly difficult to grab water and accelerate, making this paddle extremely useful at high speed. Like its little sibling, Polu, Maika’i has a rounded leading edge creates less impact on the paddler. But with significantly more surface area, has incredible hold and feel. A slight scoop keeps water from cavitating around the blade without sacrificing an efficient exit. At the catch position, the double-bend oval shaft promotes a comfortable, loose grip and relaxed wrist.

  • An HCRA approved conforming outrigger paddle.

Note from Paddle Zoo: 

This paddle blade is only 5 square inches larger than the Polu but it definitely feels larger, at least for smaller sized paddlers. I prefer it for OC6 paddling but a larger paddler may still enjoy it in a small boat.

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