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404 Jump

Available for demo in Seattle!

404's fastest flat water board. Original prototype testing done by both Ryland Hart and Danny Ching consistently hit max speeds of 10-11mph, and increased average speeds of 0.5-1mph in half mile test.  

The Jump got its name from its ability to accelerate up and over (or into) small wind waves and boat wakes without effort and without losing stability. It is great for medium to long distance paddles. It runs best in most every condition, ranging from the calm, flat waters in lakes, harbors and rivers, to the light and moderate windy conditions we find in the oceans.  

Paddler Size and Skill Level

This is a high performance board for more skilled sup racers looking for an advantage.  It comes in 3 sizes. The narrower board is ideal for experienced paddlers between 165lbs and 180lbs or inexperienced paddlers under 130lbs. The wider model is extremely stable and will handle less experienced paddlers between 145lbs-160lbs and experienced paddlers from 180lbs and 230lbs.  



 14’ x 22” 

 14’ x 23.5”

 14’ x 25” 


Grey / 404 Green Tail


404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent

404 Molded SUP Traction

404 / Carbon Fin

FCS GoPro compatible plug

Deck drain plugs


+ 1 lb EPS Foam

+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber

+ 4 oz Fiberglass

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