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Dragon boat Paddles

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Kaku Dragon Boat Paddle

The Kaku All Carbon Dragon Boat Paddle from Puakea Designs.

  • Type: Dragon Boat Paddle

  • Length: up to 51" (Custom sizes available)

  • Width: IDBF Approved

  • Weight: approx. 14 oz.

  • Surface Area: IDBF Approved

  • Color: Grey barracuda fish head design with orange accent

  • Finish: Glossy blade, Matte shaft and handle

  • Material: All carbon fiber with ABS edge

  • This paddle is IDBF Approved.

The Kaku paddle takes everything we have learned in making successful outrigger paddles and brings it to dragon boat paddle design. We have come up with a paddle that is completely IDBF compliant and shares shaft, grip and edge design with our outrigger paddles. This paddle has a quick, clean entry and will load up at the catch to provide you and your team the best boat acceleration coming out of a start, and it will carry a heavy load across all distances.

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